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We sell imported 100% luxury cotton macrame rope and string for all DIY macrame projects.  Our rope is soft, easy to work with and of the highest quality.  It is imported and available in all sorts of dreamy colours!  The downside of using such beautiful cotton is that it is more expensive, especially for colour.  The upside however is being able to work with a range of gorgeous colours (otherwise not currently available in South Africa), and in the perfect material made for macrame knotting. The result is a superior work of art!

We have various types of natural cotton, available in rope and single strand string (3mm - 5mm).  We will continue to expand on our range of colours and sizes.  We will also be adding DIY kits, beads and other accessories. All of these materials and kits will be available to purchase at our workshops and retreats.

More about our rope and string 

If you are wondering whether to use rope or string, yarn or other fibre materials, 3mm or 5mm sizes, it can be a little confusing!   Feel free to contact us at any time for advice on what to use.  We would love to help!  In the meantime please read below for a few helpful basics on the different types of rope and string.

Rope comes in either 3 ply or 4 ply (meaning 3 or 4 twisted strands).  We mostly work with 4mm and 5mm rope, which is perfect for plant hangers and most wall hangings.  For more detailed and intricate designs (as well as smaller macrame projects), 3mm works well.  The rope is easy to fray at the ends and gives a squiggly crimped effect.  You can achieve this by simply unravelling the ends. It is possible to also comb the fringe to create more of a soft and fluffy effect. Our rope is super soft, holds the knot and is a dream to work with!

String is made from fine single strands of cotton cords, ranging from 3mm - 5mm in size (we may supply larger sizes in the future, if there is a demand for it).  Some artists prefer to work with string only.  In this case, if you are working on larger projects we would advise using a thicker cord such as 5mm (or larger when available).  Although you can create any design with string, it is perfect for less detailed designs. A beautiful soft and feathery fringe is achieved by combing out the ends with a fine toothed comb.  It is easier to obtain a straight soft fringe with string. Our string is delicate and soft and creates the most beautiful fringing!