Window Displays & Large Projects

We are macrame artists who also love to make beautiful things by hand! From handmade flowers made from fabric or paper, decor items such as fabric or macrame backdrops, large hand-dyed backdrops and cushions, lace hoops through to corporate gifting such as denim hand covered boxes and handmade flower pens...if you can dream it we can make it!

These are just some of the lovely things we have had the wonderful privilege of making for over 250 Miladys store windows around South Africa.  These large projects are made over a period of weeks from our studio in Durban, by a team of ladies who make each item by hand.  We handle all the packaging, after which each of the boxes are collected and taken to the Miladys depot to be distributed to all their stores throughout South Africa.

These wonderful projects have given us the opportunity to train and employ a team of amazing women from our local community who are often otherwise unemployed.  

Have a look below at what goes on behind the scenes as we create and craft our way through these various projects.